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P&G SGR is an independent asset manager, founded in 2004 with the objective to provide access to absolute investment opportunities within areas of the market which are still poorly covered. The company has a marked quantitative profile and manages real estate and securities portfolios.

The indipendent Alternative

About Strategy

P&G SGR was founded by a group of professionals with a direct experience in capital markets, with the idea of using their trading experience in the asset management business. Founded in 2004 P&G is an independent asset manager, authorised in 2005 by Bank of Italy

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P&G is a manager of absolute return products with no correlation with the equity and the fixed income markets.

The products managed by P&G are positioned to cover the entire spectrum of the efficient frontier.

The managers intend to reach sharpe ratios higher than1, through the identification of alpha generating strategies.

The investment style adopted by P&G is active.